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The history of Christ Temple Baptist Church began in the summer of 1947, when the late Rev. J.H. Hammons saw the need for a church in the Willow Run area.  He then founded and organized the Willow Run Baptist Church with a group of ten Christian believers. 


Our first building, located at 1201 Brocton Court, was dedicated on July 4, 1948. 

In the interim years it was necessary to change the name of the church as there was already a church with the name of Willow Run Baptist Church registered in Lansing.  Deacon John Currie proposed that the congregation be identified as Christ Temple Baptist Church.  In 1960, the pastor and members accepted the name, Christ Temple Baptist Church.


On August 9, 1970 after many setbacks and obstacles, we moved into our new building and in May 1971 the property and the building at 2372 Holmes Road was dedicated by Pastor Hammons.


In 1978, after purchasing all adjoining lots between Pasadena Street and Wiard Road, we were able to burn the mortgage.  Since then God has miraculously blessed the ministry of Christ Temple Baptist Church in so many ways that cannot be expressed.


These efforts have only been made possible by the graces of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Rev. Steven D. Riley received an invitation to come and speak for the Pastor’s Aide Society. At the close of that service Rev. Hammons announced that Rev. Riley had a standing engagement every second Sunday to speak for the Youth Sunday services.  In 1980 Rev. Riley was elected Assistant Pastor and in January of 1981 by the recommendation and retirement of the late Pastor J.H. Hammons and the church body he was elected to serve as pastor.  Rev. Dr. Steven D. Riley continues to serve as pastor of Christ Temple Baptist Church.



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