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Deacon Hollie, Deacon  Abrams, Deacon Johnson,

Sunday Service


Church School 9:45 AM  New membership class 9:45 AM

Morning worship service 11 AM

 Calendar of the week

auxiliary meetings and rehearsal schedules

Mass choir 7 PM Mondays

Missionary 6 PM Tuesday

 Intercession prayer 7 PM Wednesday

Pastor Aide 5 PM 2ndWednesday

First and Third Friday of each month
Mission Circle II 12:Noon

Saturday(before the indicated Sunday)
Deacon board 9:30am 1st
Nurse Guild 4:30pm 3rd
Chorus 12:00 Noon 2nd
Inspirational choir 2:00 pm. 3rd
Senior Usher board 11:00am 1st and 3rd

Temple Usher Board 12:00am

Male Chorus 4:00 5th

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